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Kristy Barber

Kristy Barber is the owner/operator of Avondale Restaurant Equipment. Kristy comes from a very customer service oriented industry and knows the importance of understanding what the customer wants and needs before discussing equipment. Kristy is dedicated to helping people realize their dream of starting their own business or updating their existing kitchen to work more efficiently.  With the development of the sales team, Kristy is now busy managing the business side of Avondale. And, she is also the owner of the office mascot…Winnie the mini doxie who is our resident security advisor in the office each day! Along with Roo, Winnie's faithful, but playful, puppy sidekick.


Talk to Kristy about:

  • Project Management
  • Financing
  • Office Administration and Business Operations

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Randy Peardon

Randy Peardon has worked with Avondale Restaurant Equipment since September of 2011. His background in installations and client care has helped Avondale become a full service delivery company. Having Randy on our team is a great asset; he knows how to make sure our customers are happy and that they have all that they need. Randy is our Operations Manager, if you are expecting a site visit from Avondale, you will most likely see Randy at your door. Please let him know what he can do to get you up and running, and he’ll be glad to help!


Talk to Randy about:

  • Operations
  • Site visits
  • Equipment installation
  • Professional kitchen layout drawings
  • Gas fitting
  • Quotations
  • Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel design

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Candice Drummond

Candice Drummond has worked with Avondale Restaurant Equipment since July 2017 and she is a huge asset to Avondale and our services. Candice understands the importance of customer service and getting our clients the information they need, when they need it, to ensure their businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Although customer service is a main priority for Candice, she also handles our purchasing and incoming orders to process and bill out for delivery. If you need to know where your order is, Candice can help!

Talk to Candice about:

  • Orders
  • Quotations
  • Delivery dates and options
  • Pick Ups
  • Dispatch

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Monique Jenkins

Monique Jenkins joined our team at Avondale Restaurant Equipment in July 2019. Monique comes to us from a retail environment and is dedicated to customer service and excellent customer interaction. Monique has excelled at working within our office sending quotations to clients, assisting clients in-house and answering any questions on the phone. If Monique doesn’t have the answer for you, she will find it!  She is dedicated to making your interaction with our team as easy as possible!


Talk to Monique about:

  • Equipment quotes
  • Equipment specs
  • Items you might need for various commercial foodservice applications

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Johnny Medieros

Johnny Medieros has worked with Avondale Restaurant Equipment since February of 2017. He has made a great addition to the team and can usually be found working away in our warehouse or out on the road giving a helping hand with deliveries and set up. Johnny is always willing to help, even if it's just bringing your purchases to the car. ​


Talk to Johnny about:​

  • Equipment
  • Deliveries
  • Removals
  • Refurbishing Used Equipment

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Michele Gare

Having joined Avondale in 2018, Michele’s extensive experience in event planning, marketing, television and production management provided the foundation for Avondale to branch out into social media. She manages the website as well as all social media aspects including original photography.


Talk to Michele about:

  • Being featured on Avondale's social media accounts
  • Restaurant profiles or marketing partnerships
  • Having your product highlighted
  • Collaborations for events, contests or marketing initiatives



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Security Captain!

Avondale’s Security Captain: meet Winnie our Miniature dachshund and the latest addition to the team. She may be wee but she's mighty and learning the ropes around the office. Affectionate, and full of beans, she loves meeting new people. Come by and say hi!


Talk to our Security Captain about:

  • Food
  • Fetch
  • The war on cats
  • Food

Captain in training!

Known around the office as Winnie's sidekick, Gunner is the four pawed friend to seek if you need a cuddle. Often found sitting in Candice's chair you are sure to be greeted enthusiastically by this gentle gent. 


Talk to our Junior Captain about:

  • Cuddles
  • Snacks
  • Gossip on Winnie
  • The best desk chair

In Loving Memory of Paul Barber

Paul graduated from Crestwood Vocational School in 1968 and worked in small appliance repairs until 1970 when he opened his first operation in Brantford, Ontario. This was the start to many years as a self-made businessman. Within five years he became the second largest small appliance repair shop in Southwestern Ontario. January 1, 1975, marks the opening date of his second operation in Hamilton. While in Hamilton he began repairing restaurant equipment, eventually selling the small appliance business in 1984. In that same year, he decided to fully dedicate his work to restaurant equipment repairs, opening an operation in Hamilton, on Ferrie Street East. In the year of 2004, he expanded this operation, purchasing the Old Aquarium Restaurant on Barton Street East, now known as Barber's Restaurant Equipment Repairs. January 1, 2010, marks the grand opening of Avondale Restaurant Equipment, Paul's third operation. October 2016 celebrated 46 years of this incredible man in business.

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